Goals 2017

2015 goals – Did I reach them??

  1. Go abroad to Australia and somewhere else too?? YES (and NZ)
  2. Take a cooking class (No :()
  3. Try a new food! YES – Croc!
  4. Read 10 books.. No, only 3!
  5. Hike a mountain (I’ve got Colorado under my belt – so a mountain abroad!) Yesss plenty in NZ!
  6. See a whale.. oh, yes!
  7. Learn to surf.. well does standing up count as learning 😉
  8. Always more Yoga… Always ❤

2075 Goals:

  1. Make a visit to America
  2. Travel somewhere new in Australia
  3. Buy a car in Oz!
  4. Excel in my career in Melbourne – Technology, Technology, Technology
  5. Continue posting blogs about my move to Oz, who knows maybe it will benefit one person!
  6. Stress less…. now THAT is a tough one!
  7. Workout twice a week!

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