The bad news is, time flies. The good news is, you’re the pilot.

So Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012, the last day of class through IES Abroad London for me. I had British Youth Culture in the morning which was a review day for our finals.  He is a teacher who enjoys sharing his life experiences with us, however, in too boastful a manner.  It can be rather dreadful at times, in a way where you aren’t quite sure if the story is true or if his ego is adding too much to the plot.  So today was review day and it resulted in half of the class revolving around the extravagant experiences of Mr. Richard Weight.  It never fails that every few minutes he claims, “okay my final point is”. Of course, true or not, his British lifestyle and stories, I will miss.

After class, Kelsey and I went to the small cafe in Russell Square for the last time.  It is our lunch date spot and so beautiful there.  I think I only realized its beauty given it was the last time I may ever see it.  Still very green with tall trees.  The paths wind around and through the trees and are littered with people running or reading on benches.  There are pigeons everywhere and at times they will flock from one end of the park to the other in groups – I love that.  The cafe has a wall of complete windows so you can truly enjoy the view.  It is a very informal or rather a lackadaisical cafe.  Anyways, I got homemade pea and chicken soup which was perfect for the chilly weather.  I have had to break out the gloves, which miraculously are still a pair – as I am known for losing them.

After lunch we wandered back to IES, which could easily mistake for a white town home on the corner Southampton Road and Bloomsbury Place, for my last theatre class.  The theme of the class was “giving awards”.  We each had a moment to speak and discuss our favorite actors, sets, productions, etc.  To name a few of mine: favorite actress was Vanessa Kirby who played Masha in Three Sisters, Three Sisters also tied for best play along with One Man, Two Guvners, Best set I gave to Much Ado About Nothing set in India, best actor was the man in Merrily We Roll Along.  It was a short class; more of a general discussion.  After class, I headed back to Nido for a greatly anticipated movie night with the girls.

Today, Dec. 7, 2012, I spent the day in Notting Hill with Rachel and Courtney.  We decided it was one of our favorite quaint places on the list of places we have visited, so we wanted to go one last time.  We revisited some shops and they bought quite a few things.  I just love the design of the colorful houses and sometimes I peer into the windows as I’m walking by just to try to imagine what it looks like inside.  I love the neighborhood, after Tufnell Park, I think Notting Hill would be a dream of a place to live.  I ended up getting a vintage Beatles shirt I couldn’t pass up, I’m excited to wear it back home.  For supper, back at Nido, I cooked some of the food Ellie left over after she headed to Jamaica for one of her IES classes. I managed some rice with fajita seasoning and it actually came out really tasty. We are headed out to SoHo tonight, near Chinatown, then studying at the Tinderbox, a quirky cafe next to Nido, tomorrow.  Love to all!


4 thoughts on “The bad news is, time flies. The good news is, you’re the pilot.

  1. This blog “pulled at my heart strings”. Guess life is full of ..”probably the last time..” but as you say a memory lasts forever, never does it die” Enjoy, treasure and remember. Do what you love best . It will be wonderful to have you back in the US. Love you, Grandma Pat PS sent off an email to you too.

  2. I love your ‘title line’ of this blog.. -” The bad news is, time flies.. the good news is, you’re the pilot”.. SO true!!..
    Sounds like you are ‘doing it right’ and enjoying it all up to the last minute. I’m so proud of you and happy for you. Love you……

    1. Now just what makes you think that this probably will be the last time you see these things? As the title of your blog says, “You are your own pilot!”. You can go back…It may be some years down life’s road, but….you just have to plan for it. By the way, did you ever go to the wonderful park in the closing scenes of Notting Hill? Hopefully, we’ll get a couple more blogs before your departure from this wonder life experience, but if not, thank you for MY vicarious life experience through your eyes. Enjoy to the last second. Hugs and love, Aunt Jean

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