A memory lasts forever, never does it die…true friends stay together&&never say goodbye.

With Bennett and Andrew at Westminster for class
With Bennett and Andrew at Westminster for class

I must begin this post by letting you all know, in case you didn’t already, that there is a royal bun in the English oven.  It is quite the news here! The royals had to leak the news out because Kate had to be admitted into the hospital with hyperemesis gravidarum. It’s a bad spell of morning sickness where you can lose 10 percent of you body weight and we all know the girl needs to gain some weight anyways, but it is more common when you are having more than one child! Haha,

Cake & tea with Julian
Cake & tea with Julian

the papers describe it as a feeling of being allergic to pregnancy.  There are literally three pages spreads in most the newspapers each day.  Kate is staying several days in the central London hospital, we went by it of course. There are guards outside and plenty of paparazzi. So very exciting news of course.

In other exciting news I have handed in three of my three final papers! I had one on “war being a special case for censorship” and that class has no final so I am completely done with it. I had another on “the tower of London; a symbol of power or a weakness” for history and I don’t have a final for that class.  The last was my paper for Media&UK Politics about the badger cull, or to be more precise “How effectively has the Government dealt with criticism expressed in UK newspapers about the decision to sanction the extermination of badgers?” It was a really fun paper to write.  I do, however, have a final in that class, in British Youth Culture and Theatre so I will be spending the next couple of days studying for those.  After a solid day off of course :). yesterday in Media we had a great time going over the Leverson Inquiry.  It is all very interesting to me, perhaps more intriguing than the government in the states but it may just be that it is different and new to me.  I will miss being updated on everything and reading the newspaper everyday when I get back. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAThen for History we went to Westminster Abbey and got a guided tour.  That was a blast. I loved walking down the same aisle that a little over a year ago Prince William and Kate got married at.  The cathedral is magnificent and there is more to it than I thought there was.  Churchill’s grave had flowers from his daughter on it. There is a urial of an unknown soldier that no one is allowed to walk over.  Elizabeth’s tomb with her half sister Mary’s poor excuse for a grave next to it.  After the tour we went to a place real close and Julian bought us tea and cake.  Of course he did! He is by far my favorite professor. I will absolutely miss him!

As for missing things. Four of my friends spent their last night in London last night.  We went to Sports Cafe as an entire group to celebrate and it was most definitely one of the best nights out that I have had.  Lorenzo and I got off at the station and little full out ran to the cafe to make it there by 11 to not have to pay a cover charge. We made it, everyone else had to pay. Only 2.5 pounds but hey worth the run!  We ended up staying out longer than I ever have in London, not that the family wants to hear this. But it was so much fun having everyone together and just hanging out

Cloister Garth
Cloister Garth

for a while.  We had so many laughs and everyone was included.  We danced, we sang, we shared memories and made plans to see each other in the future.  We took the night bus back and it all went well.  Today I have my room inspection to make sure I didn’t break anything in the room before I leave.  My last day of classes are tomorrow and then it is my own personal two-a-days to get in shape for basketball and studying like I never have before for these finals. Maybe at the

same time. We will see.  I miss you all, it seems like these past couple weeks have gone by really fast, as I expected them to. It is a bummer that I have to study my last weekend here but a couple of us have plans to go take a break and visit the Christmas Markets. It has gotten pretty chilly here in London though.

Then perhaps I get to see the Wheatleys at least once this next week!

Love you!



2 thoughts on “A memory lasts forever, never does it die…true friends stay together&&never say goodbye.

  1. Well my dear, another life change around the corner, hope your mail got through and you got my email. Stay safe thinking about you every day!
    Grandma Pat

  2. “Time flies when you are having fun”… and ,my, what a fun time you have had! Thanks so much for sharing it all with us.
    Try to not let the ‘craziness’ of finals & the rapidly approaching end of your stay deny you the opportunity to take delight in & savor every moment of your last few days of ‘being a Londoner”. Do it right & enjoy it all the way up to the end.. then you will have no regrets.. only wonderful memories… and be ready to close this chapter and move on to your next ‘life’s adventure’.
    Love you and look forward seeing you soon!

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