if you cant fly then run. if you cant run then walk. if you cant walk then crawl. but whatever you do. you have to keep moving forward –>>>


This week has been quite a whirlwind and very busy. I had my last official class of Censored! on Monday.  Next week we are giving our presentations, in groups of two.  Julianne and I are doing one on popular music that has been censored over the

years in the United Kingdom and focusing on the case study of “God Save The Queen” and “Anarchy in the UK” by the Sex Pistols and the moral panic it created.  I also have a paper due that same day in that class on war & censorship.  Then on Tuesday morning I had media & UK politics class with Julian.  I love his classes, I never get tired of them.  He lectures with such sarcasm and always throws in extra bits of interesting information.  He also gives us information he feels we need to know as Londoners now rather than just basing it all on class material.  Anyways, we discussed some more information coming out about the Leversen Inquiry, I am excited to read it once it comes out.  We also talked about the European Union and their relationship with the UK versus other countries.  David Cameron isn’t in a strong position at the moment because of a referendum on the UK/EU relationship in parliament the other day and he was humiliated by losing the support of his backbench, essentially the Tories voted against him.  I have a paper due Tuesday for that class as well about the Badgers Culling.

For the afternoon Medieval London class we went on another field study.  This week we

St. Barts
St. Barts

started off at St. Barts Church near Farringdon Station.  It had some Gothic architecture bits to it as well as some arches from the Romans time.  A fun fact – when we went there they let us look through three big photo albums of all of the movies that have been filmed in the cathedral. Some of those included the Snow White & the Huntsman (new movie), Sherlock Holmes, The Kings Speech, The Other Boleyn Girl and more. Then we went to go see some crypts and left off with the Temple Church.  All of them were beautiful and Julian is such a great guy to walk around London with.  Wednesday was full of doing homework and I worked out as well.  Kelsey and I have been occupying the Tinderbox which is the cafe next to Nido where I live.  It has a pretty good environment and is nice to get out of Nido.  Today wasn’t too eventful by any means.  I have a history paper due Tuesday as well.

Tomorrow was suppose to be my trip to Yorkshire for the weekend and I was very stressed about homework that I have and finals.  I head home two weeks from today.  It seems surreal and impossible that that is true.  But my Yorkshire trip got cancelled due to flooding up north and there is flooding over in Wales as well.  The other day there were literally streets that were under water.  So I get the 150 pounds refunded which is nice.  I also get time to work on these papers which is good but I was excited for one last trip with my friends and just being funny with them; making memories.  I hope instead I get a chance to see the Wheatleys perhaps this weekend to make up for it. I really can’t believe that I leave so soon, two of my friends leave a week from today and two others a week from tomorrow.  We have already planned a going away dinner and we all expect to cry, I really have bonded with them.  It is a different kind of bonding too.  There is just something about being in a foreign country, completely on your own, almost helpless that puts you together with people in a way that’s unlike any other.  College is a


similar example but just multiply that by ten and you might be there.  And then traveling to France and Scotland and other countries and it is even further magnified.

We had a CORE lunch yesterday and they went over stuff about re-entry culture shock.  I wonder sometimes if I will notice much.  But they said not to go into it too confidently that you will be fine because you never notice you’ve changed until you actually return.  “You will be bored.  You will feel isolated because others won’t understand your stories and feelings about things you think were funny or your life abroad.  Essentially people won’t want to hear your stories all the time, the details, etc. and to not feel bad about that, just to remember that they have had a life while we were gone as well.” – so they say.  They recommended keeping in touch with those we have lived with here to discuss these things and use them as an outlet which I will do of course.  I will miss them so much and we have begun planning visits already.  A couple are near Chicago for school and will try to make it to some of my games but Lord knows I won’t make it out to New York where most of them are from for a long time at least.  Anyways, the basketball team lost by three last night to Grinnell, close game, wish I could have been there. But as much as I miss it, I can feel myself loving London more and more each day less that I have, if that makes sense.  Not even just the city just the life, the culture, England. It has to be said I am not as much a fan of the monarchy as I was when I first came, I enjoy reading books set in old England and featuring the monarchy but living under it is a completely different concept I do not wish to dip into.  Parliament is along the same lines too, I prefer our government in the states. I may have mentioned that before I am not quite sure. Now I am off to attempt to motivate myself to write more papers! Love you all && see you before you know it!


2 thoughts on “if you cant fly then run. if you cant run then walk. if you cant walk then crawl. but whatever you do. you have to keep moving forward –>>>

  1. You are dear to take the time for a blog. I m disappointed that you will miss seeing Yorkshire, but would imagine flooding there very serious. I did like Yorkshire and the quirky streets. Adjustments galore coming aren’t there? You will do fine and we will always love to hear your recollections. You can talk all you want. Take care, stay healthy.
    Love, GP

  2. It appears that your time there has been more than I had ever dreamed for you. God is great. Miracles abound. Truely amazed and proud of you.

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