“Brighton Rocks”

My trip of this weekend was Brighton.  And I loved it. I got to see the sea and just twenty miles south is France, although that is hard to believe.  It was beautiful weather, warm and sunny! We got there around 10 and had a two hour walking tour where we got to see the scenes that were filmed for the movie Quadrophenia.  The Grand hotel where the bell boy scene is filmed.  Also there, Margaret Thatcher stayed once and a bomb went off in attempt to kill her.  I think two MPs died and two servants, don’t quote me.  But she didn’t because she only slept about four hours a night since her mind was always running.  So she was in the loo or her office, otherwise she would have died.  Was a fun story, and we got a few more walking through the alleys and shopping areas.  At noon we got a tour of Royal Pavilion.  It definitely stood out, a palace very out of place.  Would be a building you would see in perhaps India.  There was a recording throughout the palace, and it was an overly extravagant building.  In the dining area, the chandelier was unlike I have ever seen before.  It had a large copper dragon holding it up at the top and it weighs a ton, literally.  George, Prince of Wales was the builder with his high spending habits.  But I must say, going inside wasn’t quite so spectacular.  It was, if I could use one term for it, tacky. There of course is much work that has been redone in attempt to make it look the same as it once was but it just wasn’t to my taste.  It was like a maze inside and I loved the dining room with the dragons and chandeliers.  The music room had terrible carpeting, blue with red swirls and designs topped with interesting India designs on the walls and bright colors.  The carpet back when George had it was supposedly so thick that you would sink into it with its softness, just to show how rich he was.  The rooms of his two brothers the rooms were a bright yellow color, also disliked that.  Eventually, when Queen Victoria acquired the palace, she sold it to Brighton for its lack of privacy, or in my opinion its lack of style inside.  She didn’t like Brighton and it was built to be seen and allowed the royals to show off and Victoria wanted her family to

Just being buried at the beach ❤

have their privacy.  When she left she took something like 47 wagons full of furniture with her.

After that tour we searched for a place to go eat at that overlooked the sea, eventually choosing an American Diner.  It was set back in the fifties America and had a lot of Elvis on the walls.  But we were all slightly homesick for American food and it was cheap, so we did the tourist thing and ate there. Not to mention we had gone to the Zoo bar the night before and were running on very little sleep.  I got a chicken sandwich and chips. Then we walked all the way out to the end of Brighton Pier and looked at all the amusement rides, etc. After that we went down to the beach, which is large rocks and not sand.  There were actually a few people swimming which just blows me away because they weren’t in wet suits, just normal suits and the water was pretty cold, but I guess people around here are known to do that.  I touched the water, just so I could say I did and now I have touched the English Channel. It was so much fun, we got back this evening and Kelsey and I had eaten enough to last us a few days, American servings in general, and at the restaurant we went to, are quite a bit bigger than at home so we were stuffed to the point we could hardly move. We slept the ride back and I am now ready for another week of school.  It was great to see a beach with such amazing weather and I am hoping the weather stays this good in London! I will miss you all for Thanksgiving but only three days until I am in Paris! I couldn’t be more thankful for that or more excited!


2 thoughts on ““Brighton Rocks”

  1. Your Dad and Grandma report a wonderful time with you. They are still ‘bubbling’ about seeing this and doing that and spending time with you in your world. They had a great time!
    Brighton looks/sounds like a nice ‘British’ sort of seaside resort location ( but I will still take Hawaii for the warm temps and much warmer water!!). You look happy and content.. that is good!
    Will be anxious to hear how you like Paris.. time is flying by quickly… savor every moment!

    1. I can’t tell you enough how much I am enjoying your blogs and pictures. It’s almost like being there. Each time I see your Grandma Pat there is something else about the trip or you we talk about. This morning, it was how tea and coffee were served and the difference in cost between England and the USA; about using phones, wireless services and computers over there; and about Jane and Jos’s house layout and their fun family. It’s all unique and interesting. Brighton Beach isn’t my idea of a beach with all the rocks. I like that soft white sand that doesn’t hurt my feet! However, the buildings and scenes you sent pictures of are beautiful. I get the feeling though, that nothing you’ve seen impresses you quite as much as the Scottish scenery and towns. I, too, will be anxious to hear your report on Paris. I have my own ideas how you’ll feel, but not having been there, I may be really surprised. Stay well, study hard, enjoy life and come home happy, healthy, and full of stories to tell us. Love, Aunt Jean

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