Keep calm && carry on

Grandma and Dad are indeed in good hands 🙂 and we have had quite the adventures thus far.  Okay, so where to begin…. They got here on Wednesday and I met them at the Remembrant Hotel at 2 p.m. Surprisingly we got there nearly at the same time, I was a couple minutes early.  Their hotel is just down the road from Harrods and right across the street from the Victorian Albert museum, just around the corner from South Kensington station.  I was so excited to see them! We got all of their stuff up to their rooms and went down to the restaurant in the hotel for some tea.  Dad, of course, would only drink coffee and I got him an Americano.  It came in a mug and he was surprised saying it wasn’t much coffee and they didn’t refill it.  Quite silly, he also got nachos to munch on and Grandma and I both got tea, I got chai and she got Jasmine, with some scones.  It was so fun chatting away and afterwards we headed down to see all of the Harrods decorations with the lights.  It gets dark here around 5 o’clock so there isn’t much daylight.  But shortly after getting there both were really tired so we walked back to the hotel and they were off to bed.  I had to head back to school to finish a paper and my presentation.

On Thursday I have two classes.  For my presentation in British Youth Culture, it could not have gone better!! I hate to be biased but we may have had the best in the class…our pitch involved Mexican hip hop as music and he was so curious about it and energetic as opposed to some others.  I was beyond relieved and couldn’t have been happier, I had theatre after that and then headed straight over to the hotel.  We ate

The guard right before he was changed!

Japanese that night and then we talked until about 10 pm.  After that I headed home to sleep and it is about a half hour tube ride but very easy.

The next morning I got back at about 9:30 in the morning and Val was already at the hotel. For the first bit we sat in the room and caught up, it was wonderful to meet her and she is such a sweet lady.  After that we got out and headed towards parliament.  We were walking along the Thames River from Embankment Station and Dad was really curious at the river.  He kept looking over the side and saying it was dirty, or looking at the steps, he even had a giggle at the life ring you can throw over the side.  Across the river we could see the eye and his face lit up when we finally got to Big Ben, I really enjoyed that! I got some photos of them there and we went to Westminster after.  We decided not to go in because the line was so long.  It was decorated with Poppys and crosses all over the grassy areas with winding paths for all the soldiers

At Tower of London on the beginning of Tower Bridge

lost. Remembrance day is tomorrow and nearly everyone you pass in London has a poppy pinned on their jackets, it’s really a beautiful thing.  We found a US section and then walked just a little ways to St. James Park and across the street we went into Churchill’s War Rooms, Grandma really wanted to see it and it was so interesting! I love the fact that literally these rooms have not been touched and to imagine people years and years ago during war time down here is just crazy! They had something you could listen to the entire way and the four of us spent a couple hours down there.  We headed out after and, at the Senate I believe it is called, we got to see the changing of the guards by chance.  They were on horses too so it was cool.  After that we headed to Covent Gardens for dinner at the Crusting Pipe, I had Potato Gnochhi, Dad had ham (of course), Grandma had uh some pie something, and Val had the Cumberland Sausages.  For dessert we had apricot and tart sauce and it was delicious.  Dad

At St. Pauls, they are in the bottom right hand corner

asked for a soda for a drink and the lady was confused and asked, “you mean a coke?” It was funny, we don’t use the word soda here.  He was also intrigued by the elevators being called lifts. He said his favorite part was the markets around covent gardens and we got to see some street performers as well.  Before Val left she got us some Chestnuts roasted on an open fire, how beautiful is that :). I had my first chestnut.  We headed back to the hotel after that and said bye to Val, I am planning now on going to spend the night in Liverpool the second weekend in December to visit her! How wonderful is that? I spent the night at the hotel, Dad got his way with sleeping on the floor so I would stay :). I just enjoy sitting in the room and talking with them, I miss their company but I also want them to see as much as possible.  Grandma snores louder than anyone could imagine, I wonder how Grandpa can sleep at night 😉 haha…plus with Dad’s snoring, I just don’t know! The next morning they went to their full English breakfast they get every morning and I got ready and watched super nanny on television, Dad says he misses American news but I’m quite fond of the BBC news.

SO, finally, today we got out and went to the where I live so I could show them my room.  Dad was surprised at how big my building was and I got to show them Liverpool Street station, which is where I have been calling home for the past couple of months.  My room is quite small with the three of us in here but we weren’t here for too long.  Something is wrong with my phone so I can’t seem to text or call Sammy or Jane and Jane has asked about Brunch Sunday so I hope we somehow get a hold of her. Anyways Amber got honorable mention All-conference and that was really exciting!!!

But back to London, from my building we walked to Tower bridge and the Tower of London.  It was really interesting to think who has all been there and the weather was nice too.  Then we walked towards St. Pauls.  On the way we got stopped by a parade.  It had many kids, soldiers, and bands in it and the Lord Mayor was at the end of it.  They elect a new one once a year I guess, some lady told us, and then each borough has one.  It was cool that we just stumbled upon it by chance.  Then Dad and I went into St. Paul’s and WOW, just WOW.  It is amazing to think how that could have ever been made.  The detail and the high ceilings are just astonishing!! Dad liked to read the little plaques and I just enjoyed being there with him.  Grandma was waiting for us at a coffee shop and after Dad got his caffeine we headed to where the Queen lives.  We got to see Buckingham Palace and I explained some things to Dad.  We then attempted to nearly walk around the entire thing, the Queen’s private gardens.  We were amazed at how big it is!! We got to the tube though and headed to a steak and Grill where Dad and Grandma got some fish &

Fish and Chips!

chips, Dad was not keen on the mushed peas that came on the side, but overall was pretty good I think!

I came back to finish up some homework and stuff so I don’t get behind and going to head to bed.  Tomorrow is the Remembrance Parade and myself and two girls are attempting to go really early to see the QUEEN! I am so excited we may even be able to see Prince William and Kate as well and after that headed to the hotel to get Dad and Grandma to go to

True Londoner already!

Jane’s hopefully, given they could get in contact because my phone is out of whack. But anyways, many more plans to come and hopefully we can squeeze as much in as possible before they leave!! Love you all and more to come!


2 thoughts on “Keep calm && carry on

  1. So good to hear from you and all about what you three are up to! Sounds like a great time!! Nice that you could get to meet and be with Val and I hope that you can connect with Jane & Family to enjoy time with them. We have had wonderfully warm ( like 78 degrees!) weather today.. BUT.. tomorrow morning, with an approaching cold front, it is to turn COLD ( like 36 degrees w/ a low of 22 degrees!) Who knows what it will be like when the ‘travelers return to the USA? Enjoy every minute together. We think of you and wonder what you are up to all the time.. but happy you can be together!

    1. What a fun and newsy report of your activities together. These will be times you’ll remember for the rest of your lives. The pictures are really good, too. Val looks the same as when she was in high school in that profile picture of her and Patty. It would be fun to see her again and meet her family. Grandpa Fred misses you all, and is anxious each day to see if there is a new blog or if Sara is on Skype. Sara, tell your dad he needs to try all the different foods and smile a little more….to enjoy each moment of your togetherness rather than thinking ahead to the day they’ll have to leave you there in London for a short time. We all tried to warn him that his girls would be all grown up in the blink of an eye. Give my sis a hug and tell her I miss her, but am so glad she’s able to do this. Love and Hugs to all. Aunt Jean

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