“”The more I see, the less I know for sure”” ~~ John Lennon

Week 7 in London…

The week has gone by fast, a few of us have had conversations about having been in London for two months now.  Strange to think I have been living here as opposed to just spending a long vacation abroad.  I have gotten into my routines and am not so in awe of all of the magnificent architecture and buildings with such history everytime I pass them – I am trying not to lose this entirely.  I can often tell where I am by certain buildings and which directions I need to go, granted I have no doubt I could easily get lost if I wandered off too far.  I know where bus stops are for the right bus numbers and which will take me back to home, to Liverpool Street Station.  There was a rainbow out my window today off in the North Eastern direction.  That is also the

Abbey Road Studios

direction of some of my favorite Brick Lane restaurants, I must take Grandma and Dad to Brick Lane for some curry while they are here, Chicken Tikka Masala is my favorite, with Garlic naan.  On Tuesday we had our CORE dinner and a group of us got paid meals on Brick Lane and I ordered just that.  We also got these smoothie drinks, one pitcher of mango and the other banana.  Both were a thicker yellow color and tasted delicious.  We also got passed back our sheets that we filled out on the first day of our goals  and that was nice to reconnect with our original intentions.

On Wednesday I went back to the Borough Markets to walk around with some friends andjust enjoy the ambiance.  I love that market.  Then on Thursday for British Youth Culture we went to Abbey Road and that was straight out of a movie exciting. I was able to sign the wall outside Abbey Road Studios and we walked past Paul McCartney’s mansion, he still lives really close to the studios which I think is wonderful.  Then that evening we went to the Hammersmith theatre for One Man, Two Guvners and this show was by far my favorite, BY FAR.  It was a comedy and I was laughing the entire time. The only minor con was, the seats were for the tush of a five year old and no room to spare between them. I wish I could have taken Dad and Grandma to this one, they both would have enjoyed it.  I am looking into other cheap plays I could take them to while they are here, not to mention I have to see one for my class on my own, so they will be doing homework with me :).

THE walkway of the Beatles 🙂

I worked on my presentation most of the day.  It is coming along pretty nicely but the professor is a tough one, also very passionate about the subject so I will be a little nervous when we have to make our pitch.  It is getting late here and I am, of course, just beginning to pack for Wales tomorrow.  Horseback riding and sightseeing all weekend in Wales :)with Katherine, Sarah and Lexi, I am very excited!

(Five days until Dad and Grandma come!)

Love you all so much, can’t wait for Christmas! So there better be trees , lights, fires and hot cocoa with loads of cuddling and talking! 🙂 love you!


2 thoughts on ““”The more I see, the less I know for sure”” ~~ John Lennon

    1. Have a wonderful time in Wales, Sara. From what I’ve heard Wales is almost as beautiful as Scotland. Seven weeks in England sounds like a long time when you say it, but look what you have done, seen and accomplished in that very short time. You have only a little more than a month left, and much of ten days of that can be enjoyed with your dad and Grandma Pat. Love and hugs. Aunt Jean

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