It is not happy people who are thankful;;It is thankful people who are happy.

So today I got up bright and early, nearly 7:30 in the morning to head to Jane’s.  When I got there, I had a quick bowl of special K with strawberries in it and ran off to Regent’s Park to go watch Guy play a match at 10.  Regent’s Park is probably close to Ahren’s Park on Sundays with a bunch of fields and kids team playing on them. But try and multiply it by about ten or twenty and you will get what we went to this morning.  There are so many children.  Guy played on a U12 team and a smaller field than the last one that I saw him play on so it was 6 v 6. His team ended up winning 2 to 1 and Guy had two assists.  The first one that I saw he literally dribbled it up the entire field and through a few players, again I must say he is very good!  The game only lasted about an hour and then some of his team went off to the training fields because they all had more energy to burn off but Guy had to come home.

Tarka, Sammy and I went to Covent Gardens off the Picadilly Line nearly right after for lunch. There was live music and I ordered some coke and organic sausages, which were surprisingly delicious! For dessert we all shared a lemon posset :).  We walked around for a while and had a blast looking through some of the shops.  Tarka showed me the different styles that he would see on his friends at school;

Covent Gardens, The Crusting Pipe.

what was in and what wasn’t, what you may see people wearing in Chelsea or Mayfair (rich posh areas) and what you see other folks wearing.  It was really a great time!! I had to head back after that to start studying for midterms!  Loved seeing Sammy and John!!


One thought on “It is not happy people who are thankful;;It is thankful people who are happy.

  1. The Covenant Gardens looks really cool. Sounds like you had a good birthday even if you are a long way from home. Can’t believe you’re 22! Time does fly. Have a great week in Scotland. I’m anxious to see pictures.

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