Family; like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.

Lots to write about.

Okay, deep breath, so it has been quite a week in London! On Monday I had my Censored class as usual, yet I am not yet tired of class here or over the newness.  Though I have always enjoyed learning/studying very much and the additional bonus of being in a different country just tops it all off.  I watched scary movies on Monday night with Annie again for some relaxing fun and we enjoyed that.  Then on Tuesday, I had Media and UK Politics as well as History of London.  My History class splits up after midterms and divides into “Medievel London” or “C17th London” with two different professors.  I chose Medievel so hopefully that works out because it interests me a little more and I am very fond of the teacher, he is quite a…hippie goon, for the lack of a better term (he used it first :)).  Plus, we get to take one full day at the Tower of London with a private tour which I would find quite interesting.  That night we went to Sports Cafe and I participated in a Limbo contest (again) and a Team Beer contest where we met some people from Italy, Boston, New York and more places – I enjoyed it a lot just because my girl friends here are SO great and we always have a good time.  On Wednesday I spent the entire day working on a presentation for the midterm for British Youth Culture.  I am in a group with Kelsey and Katherine – essentially we have to put together a band or solo artist of American origin yet configure a 12 month business plan of 150,000 dollars on how to pitch them to youth in the UK.  It’s a fun project but gets quite complicated in digging deep into fashion, style, media, advertising, music, and their core beliefs. But I am loving every moment of it.  We are, as of now, a group consisting of four guys, Mexican hip hop with a twist of classical, bit of a MOD style with different background and races. Too complicated to describe everything but we couped ourselves up into a working room in Nido and spent the day laughing and agonizing over various sentences in our paper.

Then, on Thrusday for Youth Culture class we went to Soho.  I got to see the house of Karl Marx, Jimi Hendricks, where the Sex Pistols wrote God Save the Queen, where the Beatles

Where the Beatles played for the Queen

used to play and hangout and where the Hollywood of the UK is located.  We were able to walk down Carnaby Street and see a famous toilet/porter potty….how you may wonder? John Lennon famously dressed in a vibrant suit with a top hat and ushered business men into the toilet.  We got to see where the Beatles played for the Queen as well.  Apparently, Lennon was so astonished and upset that the royals were sitting in the front rows and the true fans in the back that he said on stage in front of the Queen, “our true fans

Beautiful Mural in Soho

cheer from the back as normal and those in the front, if you like what we are doing, rattle your jewelry.”  He was convinced prior not to curse and I thought that was a fun fact :). And walking down a street I LITERALLY walked straight into Ralph Fiennes, he plays Voldemort in Harry Potter and is in Maid in Manhattan with Jennifer Lopez and in Schindler’s List.  I saw him coming and was like, hey I know him, do you recognize him? And I think I was so starstruck that I didn’t move out of his way and he smiled and stopped then squeezed by me.  He knew without a doubt I was simply starstruck too. I stopped a couple friends and whispered “how guys do you really not know who that is?”.  My professor got a chuckle out this because I think he may have been the only other person to realize that I just ran into Ralph Fiennes.  Haha, Kelsey was teasing me about this.  I may never wash my jacket again, however – it was SO AMAZING, my heart fluttered the rest of the day for sure.  We then headed towards Abbey Road and saw many other amazing places in Soho but

The ever famous Toilet

I remained kind of stuck on the fact that I had just seen and touched Ralph Fiennes that I was struggling to concentrate.  That evening we went to go see Much Ado about Nothing at the Lyric Theatre, it is a Shakespeare play but they set it in India.  I really enjoyed it, it was very high quality although it is a long play.  I would say one of my favorites.  I loved the set and all the vibrant colors.

Today, I went over to Jane’s house at about 3 and got to chat with Sammy and John for awhile.  It was wonderful to see them! We got to talking about London and family.  Sammy has an Ipad with tons of photos of family and I got to see little videos of Ollie and the family.  She also told me about Jane and the boys growing up and how they came to be where they are today.  She mentioned Jane going off to boarding school in Scotland and then to Iowa for University and Johnny being in Iowa now.  I really do enjoy just chatting away with them – reminds me of home.  It wasn’t long until Tarka got home and I hung out with him for a while, their nanny, Sharon, is a 6’2 model, very VERY beautiful, I would have guessed in her twenties but apparently she is about twice that, of course I won’t reveal but you would NEVER guess.  She was very talkative and outgoing which I loved.  She proceeded to give me a large list of great places to eat and hangout in London as well as in Paris which was a huge bonus.  This way I will not be going into Paris completely blind!  Jane came and went quickly she had to work late and we had dinner just John, Sammy, Tarks, Sharon and I – Spaghetti.  For dessert there was ice cream with nutella.  I loved chatting with Sharon; she explained that her dad was passing away within the day but they were all ready for it. He is 86 and she didn’t seem down trodden in the slightest, very accepting – she explained a lot of her family history.

Sammy touched on Grandma Peak and her lineage in Ireland, only briefly of course.  When she did mention it though I got that odd feeling of a lump in your throat and your eyes get a little warm with tears but of course you can’t see them.  Strange because I had no reason to but I do miss her very much and wish I could be sharing these moments and memories with her, I think she would love to listen and have some great memories or stories of her own she could tell me about her time over here.  Jane got back shortly after dinner and we spent some time eating chocolates and talking, talking, talking.  When it came time to leave John and Tarka walked me to the station, it was only ten and I normally walk alone but John said Grandpa would have wanted him to so he wanted to make sure I’d get there okay :). Little does he know I have made the walk alone, later, many a times before. But made me smile!  Tomorrow I am getting up bright and early to go over and watch Guy play a match at ten in the morning and having breakfast with them before.  After that I will have to come back home to get some studying done for my midterms next week. Love to all! Miss you so much.


2 thoughts on “Family; like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.

  1. Gramp has been awaiting news from you. He has me check often to see if you are on Skype. Could it be that he is a bit impatient. You sound busy and that is good right. Glad that you are having a bit of family stuff too. Soon you will be off to Scotland, then Wales and ooo la la Paris (I will be glad to get you back safe and sound my dear.) Know you are busy, but we missed that blog – almost a week is hard to bear! 😎
    Love, G. P.

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