Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.

This was a very academic week for me.  A lot of reading to be had and papers to be done.  I have handed in my first midterm paper for my Censored class and I am waiting for the results. It is interesting the little quirks or differences in writing papers back home in the states versus in the UK. There are minor spelling differences, which our professors encourage us to embrace, such as labor vs. labour and center vs centre.

On Tuesday I got back my first results on any assignment while here in London.  I took a test in History of London and received an A so that is a relief!… On Tuesday night we all went out to the Sports Cafe, which is a bar slash club near Trafalgar Square.  It is notoriously a bar that all the Americans studying in London go to on Tuesdays with no cover and very cheap drinks.  It was brilliant time to have everyone together.  Rachel and I competed in a limbo contest of sorts and we won.  Two other girls participated in a British beer contest and won a t-shirt so I must say it was a successful night.  Then on Wednesday, I actually walked around Bloomsbury to find a nice little Costa to sit in and do homework.  Bloomsbury is a really nice area, something straight out of a fairytale or an old Anne Easter Smith novel. I am glad that my school building, which is actually an old townhouse, is in this area so I can experience it everyday.  This house that our classes take place in is one which was built right after the great fire of London and is a great example of most other buildings/homes that Londoners reside in.

Finally, on Thursday we had a full day of classes again.  British Youth culture class went well and I participated more than usually as I become accustom to the new teaching styles.  We talked a lot about the Spice Girls and how the Black British youth culture differs from Americas.  Next week we are meeting at Abbey Road to take a field trip for class and I am looking forward to that – it has been on my list for places around London I have wanted to see but haven’t made it to yet.  For our Theatre class we went to the Lyrics Theatre, off of Hammersmith Station, which is really far away from Liverpool I must say.  We saw Desire Under The Elms and it is by far the worst play I have yet seen.  They had one role that was played by the under study, the cast member was out due to disposition, but I was impressed with him – he may have been the highlight.  It was just not the best production overall, and I don’t think I am a fan of Eugene O’Neill’s play writes either.  I have to prepare a presentation and a paper on this play for next week.

Today, Friday, Annie and I are the only ones left for the weekend so we went for a walk around London, did some homework and then binged on Green Tea — which I am now hopelessly addicted to! After a long day, we decided to have a scary movie night and stay in our flat for a relaxing evening.

Jane, Tarka and I will be going to Borough Markets tomorrow morning to look around and such.  I am so excited to go with them and I am ringing her in the morning.  She said that it is Tarka’s favorite and he is always such great company! It is also officially Lexy’s birthday over here, which reminds me I need to find a post office tomorrow morning to send out these over due postcards! Annie, Weilee and I are also going to see John Soane’s Museum tomorrow afternoon, my professor Julian recommended it!

Love to all!


4 thoughts on “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.

  1. So glad to hear from you. Now tell me how far are you from 11 Thurfoe Place – The Rembrandt. I bet pretty far, Just want to know an approximate distance if you can find it. Says it is not far from Kensington Gardens and Harrods (sp?). Enjoy the weekend! Will fill you in later, maybe Sunday?
    Love you.

  2. Sounds like you are enjoying your work to me. I agree O’Neill is not a favorite of mine either. Love that you are seeing plays.
    oops forgot to say per advertisement from customer on the hotel:
    “In Chelsea Knightsbridge area – Conveniently located to many venues and transportation. Quiet, safe neighborhood. Short walking distances to cafes, restaurants, convenience shops, and attractions. Courteous and helpful staff. Comfortable, clean and well maintained facilities. Breakfast offerings are excellent and are in a pleasant well appointed dining area. The Rembrandt met all of our needs and expectations. ” We shall see won’t we?

    1. That is actually right across the Thames from me! so i could get there fairly easy. It isn’t too far from tower bridge and borough markets either. That would be a good place to stay if it is cheap and I can get there no problem!

      1. Sara,
        Bravo on your “A” test. I have no doubt that you will ace every class in the entire session. I know you must be excited to see Grandma Pat and your dad when they come, but you are doing an amazing job “finding your way” through this entire adventure. Time is flying and soon you will be on your way home again….just two months! You also have Paris, Wales and Scotland to see. Stay well and happy. Love, Aunt Jean

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