Sunday Evening

So, I thought that this deserved a seperate blog entirely! I went to visit the Wheatley’s

The Wheatley’s home from the backyard

home again this afternoon/evening.  I got slightly lost on the way there, or rather I must have been day dreaming and stayed on the bus a few stops too long and had to walk back a ways.  Lucky for me it was beautiful outside.  Once I got there, Hal was out seeing a movie, Looper, and Tarka was at a drama class.  So I sat around for a bit reading while Jane did some sewing and Jos was painting some very detailed miniture army tanks, I watched him for a bit, he is quite skilled at it.  Every once in a while someone would crack a joke or two and we would have a giggle about it.  Then Hal got back and Guy was upset because he had to mow the lawn and Guy wanted to go play football and Tarka came soon after.  I walked around their back yard for a bit and

Patio area

Uncle Bob I think perhaps would enjoy it.  Jos told me of each, potentially around thirty, plant or flower.  They were various names in which I can remember two, the confederate star and blue rose, then a bunch of others I could never remember.  He also knew where they were from… California, Texas, China, Japan, etc.  really amazing how he knew all of these and he rattled them off.  I could tell very much how proud he is of them.  They also care for the neighbor’s yard as well and their plants, Hal mowed both yards.

Afterwards, the boys and I spent an hour or so playing card games and it was really fun.

The back yard

We played speed, Tarka and I, then President, which in America we incidently call Asshole, and next Cheat, which is the same as we play Bullshit.  They were really fun.  Hal then had to sit down with Jane and do some Chemistry.  Tarka and Guy were getting in the way a bit so I asked them to show me the court out back.  We ended up spending probably two hours, Hal joined shortly after, playing football, American football and basketball out there.  It is essentially just a basketball court, which I am most certainly going to take advantage of and let me tell you playing was really nice today.  I promise Guy I would bring my real shoes next time so that we could play proper football and I wouldn’t be barefoot.  I spent some quality time with Tarka too teaching him how to shoot properly because he said there are quite a few guys that are big on basketball at his school and he hasn’t gotten into it as much.  It was really really enjoyable.  Not to mention Hal and Guy are quite wonderful at football as well.

For supper we had a beef and mushroom stew of sorts which is cooked with about half a bottle of red wine.  It was wonderful.  With a potatoe cake, mashed potatoes, green beans and peas.  Father, Grandmother, I ate more peas and green beans than anyone at the table. I exaggerate only slightly but I really enjoyed it.  Don’t bank on me eating them at home because I sense that it is only an England phase but everything that Jane cooks is just magnificent.  For dessert we had this, I can’t recall its name, but a treat which had a taste of peanut butter, you eat it by itself.  Then biscuits with mousetrap cheese and green grapes.  The family dinner at the table setting is so wonderful and I love all of their senses of humor so very much. I feel quite at home.

Towards the end of the meal they were all arguing about what we were going to do next weekend.  Jane wanted Westfield, then Jos said no do borough markets, Tarka asked if he could take me to Sloane Square and Guy said don’t forget your trainers so we can play a proper match of football…so I am quite excited about it!!  Jos also mentioned taking me to some of Christopher Wren’s cathedrals and we just learned about him in class this week, he was the architect of redesigning London after the Great Fire.  Was a nice connection.  After the boys went to bed Jos, Jane and I had another glass of tea and watched Homeland.  It was very peaceful and I could have fallen asleep but the show was interesting as well, Jane kept me updated.  She mentioned us going up to stay with Hugo on a Saturday night sometime as well and I would love that!  I feel very blessed that I can see London through the eyes of a British native family and a home as well as being a student studying abroad.


One thought on “Sunday Evening

  1. What a wonderful adventure you are having! I smile as I read but nothing beats seeing you on Skype. I forgot to ask did you send your resume to Trisha? Sounds like it could be interesting? An opportunity to keep in mind and maybe she has some pull?!!
    Sammy and John’s family are neat people as are they.
    Love you,
    G P

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