If everything seems under your control, you are not moving FAST enough.

So, yet again I am behind on a few days.  Well, to start off, on Sunday I spent the day studying some more with Rachel. We went up to the sky lounge and looked out upon the Thames River while we sat in our bean bag chairs and studied.  I must say it is quite a view that I am going to miss.  Sorry papa I have not yet seem anyone throwing their poles out over the bridges and shipping, perhaps when you come we will go out and search for them one day.  On Monday I handed in my term paper for Censored, and I am thinking I did pretty well (knock on wood).  We then discussed the film Battleship Potemkin.  It is a film that was made in 1925 by a Russian man.  It is a silent film in black and white which is about the murder of a sailor, then a revolt on the steps of Odessa and massacre of innocent civilians by officers.  Not one of the most exciting films I have ever watched but it made for a really interesting discussion and investigation of it during class.  I am happy to say I know it very well now given how many references I have found on the scenes of the Odessa steps, such as in The Godfather, etc.  However, I don’t think this movie would have been something I would have ever chosen to watch outside of class.  Monday night I didn’t do anything too exciting but watched the original Exorcist for class. Thankfully, I was able to do this with my classmates – we anticipated a good spook but because the effects were so “out of date” we had more laughs than anything.

Today, I had Media and UK Politics first for a full 2.5 hours with no break because our professor was so passionate about the subject.  Or well we just got caught up.  We had small focus groups of about four or five and each had a paper we had had to read, mine was the Daily Mail this week, and our topic was whether or not the paper was biased towards the 2012 Labour Party Conference.  Mine was, though not as much as Rupert Murdock’s Daily Times by far.  Essentially mine poked fun and Mr. Balls and Ed Milliband and how the Labour party was to blaim for the current financial crisis that the country is in.  Making comments such as how ‘normal’ people would never allow them a second chance to ruin the economy.  There were also photos of them looking ugly or putting on make up or playing football with his belly hanging out.  Very unneeded stuff for a political conference wouldn’t you say? But a conservative paper  We have to do term papers in that class as well.  We discussed Fox Hunting and the ban on it for a lot of class too.  It is more discussed than child cruelty in the last year.  Crazy right? I was really really interested in this part of class and “The Establishment” here.  That is the richest class, the royals and such, a blood line.  It is not in the United States where you can buy into that type of celebrity rich class but here you must marry into it or you simply are not recognized by this elite group.  So fox hunting was banned but it is never followed because the elite are the only ones that fox hunt, and they are in charge of the parliament control basically and police clearly have more important things to focus on anyways wouldn’t you think? So I am going to do my paper on badgers.  May not be much of an issue back home but because this country is so wound up in social class, it is.  They are contracting tuberculosis and giving it to the cows.  So there is dicussion on whether or not they should try to vaccinate the badgers,–clearly they can’t there are too much and it would cost too much.  So instead they are allowing as many people as possible to go out and kill as many as possible, well that is going to work well given…how on earth would they be able to kill them all AND this is an animal loving country, so we will see.  It is under way now and I don’t know how far it will get before the end of the term but we will see.

Then I had History of London and we lecture further on down the century and had a quiz from 1066 with William of Normundy and covering all the way up to the Great Fire of London in 1666.  I think I did pretty darn well on it even though it was a timed quiz and you had to write a milllion miles a minute to even get to the end.  Most didn’t finish and some of my writing was so rubbish I am not sure he will grasp it all, I didn’t check spelling haha.  On my way back from class we took a little walk around Bloomsbury and I looked at some hotels nearby for Grandma and Dad .

Then on the way back I got a call from Jane.  She gave me directions to Guy’s football match and I got to go watch him.  Jane and Hal didn’t get there until the very end because Hal had a physio? I am guessing that means a physical in the UK.  But I got to see guy play and boy is he FAST! It was a nice little outdoor arena and a few fields had games on them.  The parents saw me standing and a couple asked me who I was there for.  They complimented him on being a good little player and fast.  Everyone was very friendly even giving that I was a complete stranger.  Their team lost 6 to 2 but apparently they were missing their main

Terrible photos, but Guy playing football

goalie and two of their best players this week, they were undefeated until today, maybe I am bad luck?? :).  After that we gave three of the eleven year old friends of Guy and Hal a ride home.  I stayed for supper as well.  Tarka showed up after about an hour of me being there so 7:30 or 8 ish.  He was very excited to see that I was there, and his comment made my night! He asked why I hadn’t been by in a while, a week and two days to be exact, but I was really glad that he said that :).  When I left Jane said I could come back anytime and maybe bring homework which might help the boys do their homework as well at the same time, which I can understand and if that helps I would love to help in anyway possible! I already know I am going to miss them greatly when I leave.  For supper we had steak, scallopped potatoes, brocolli-like real brocolli, amazing brocolli and bread, oh and Jane’s favorite wine.  I must say it is the best wine I have tasted thus far.  Tarka asked many questions, Jos and I had a few good laughs and by the end it was a real family dinner :).  Tarka got the globe out and we talked about everywhere we wanted to go, where we had been, our five top things on our bucket lists, and how soon I could come back again.  They went to bed around 9, all except Hal.  Hal and I talked about his upcoming trip to Cuba with his class and he showed me his route while there, a ten day trip.  He is excited and nervous about it, he will be there the 16th through 26th of October.  Then we had a giggle about Jos betting the cat and Hal even made us tea – he remembered how I take mine without even having to ask me about it :)! After he went to bed Jane, Jos and myself watched some news.  A five year old girl went missing in Wales yesterday, the ‘missing’ slash runaway 15 year old has returned with her teacher – who claims he did nothing wrong but fell for her, pff. Then I headed home around 10:30 or so.

I have talked to Sammy and Jane about visiting Ireland and Sammy (and I believe John perhaps too?) is coming to London!! I am excited for that as well, Jane mentioned staying the night sometime too!  I reallly do love it in their home, of course I over used thank you as much as possible and again I can already tell I am going to miss them even with two months left here.  Next I hope to see Hal play football as well and Jane mentioned taking a walk around London some Sunday, I would love a tour from true Londoners as opposed to just walking around myself, they will know all the best places :).

I learned a new word today, an insult.  “Pleb” ->there is a longer term it originated from.  While watching the news and it was mentioned in class, but it was used by a MP, member of Parliament.  It is a big insult and if any regular citizen said it to a police man, like this MP did, they would have been detained likely. However, it was a big issue because his strategy had been, he is from a state school, ordinary guy like everyone else.  But the use of this term is an insult that is only utilized by the elite social class, so if someone uses it you automatically know they are from an elite school, to try to put that as simply as possible at least.  It is definitely different from home.

Also, while we had the globe out I found out that Jos and Jane have essentially been all over the world.  New Zealand, they lived in Mexico a while when Hal was young, Italy, random Islands I cannot recall the names of, you name it.  I was jealous but also I loved hearing Jane talk about them, Jos as well, they have wonderful senses of humor!!

I am quite full and worn out so off to bed for me, hoping this may just set my sleeping schedule.  I am still having trouble with it and it has been a month here in London already!! Can you believe it?! Love to all!


2 thoughts on “If everything seems under your control, you are not moving FAST enough.

  1. Sounds like a busy and happy day to me. It is nice that you get to see the Wheatley’s again.

    Love your classes, they sound pretty deep.
    Grandma Pat

  2. Once again, your blog was so much fun to read. I’m not sure your classes would thrill me, but the history of England might hold some interest. Hmmmm, badgers in England..I guess I never thought about those critters being across the ocean. How do they spread disease to the cows? Do the badgers bite the cows or are the germs in their defecation? So glad you’re getting some time with Jane, Jos and the boys. It must be quite a family. Wouldn’t it be fun to have traveled the world with your work like they have. I imagine you’d have to be in a job like government, health/medicine, teaching, or some sort of humanitarian thing. Keep up with the terrific blogs. I so enjoy them. Stay well and happy. Love, Aunt Jean

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