Never get so busy making a living;;that you forget to make a life..

Well, I have been busy. I will just do a round about summary on how the end of my week has been.  On Wednesday, my day off, Rachel and I went to go explore St. Paul’s Catherdral, Westminister Abbey, and Big Ben.  These are all really close to where we are so it wasn’t too crazy of a day.  We went to St. Paul’s first and it is a lot larger when you take the time to look at it and walk all the way around it than when just passing it on the bus.  It is also strange in looking at this magnificent, detailed piece of architecture and then looking across the street and seeing buildings with the same detailed and beautiful construction.  It isn’t like seeing a building and then everything else around it is very 21st century, normal to America maybe? type of buildings.  It is hard to explain but it is just as if I am in an entire cityof a museum.  I love that part.  While we were they I took a little out door tour around the City of London School where Tarka goes to school, slightly hoping that I might run into him.  It is right across the street from St. Paul’s and next to the Millenium Bridge, which we walked across, his school looks over the Thames River.  Then we went over to Westminister Abbey and walked around the whole thing as well.  Surprisingly to me, the visitors entrance, the other side from where Kate and William walked in, is just as gorgeous if not more than the front! It was a pleasant surprise, it cost about 13 pounds to go inside to look around but I figure for that and maybe Buckingham Palace I will wait for Grandma and Dad to come do with me.  Margaret’s Catherdral is

The backside of Westminister

right next to Westminister on the same block but significantly smaller.  It was free to enter though and SO beautiful.  There was no photography allowed, thus, I hid my camera in my arms and took some pictures…so now we will understand why I may potentially be deported. After that we went to Parliament and Big Ben.  There was a bit happening there, some hussle and bussle.  I got a photo of Parliament, Big Ben and the London Eye in one shot and I just thought that was kind of neat.  It was a cloudy day.

Thursday was a full day of classes.  I had British Youth Culture in the morning which was based around fashion.  The 1950’s beginning with the designers Stephens and Quant and ending with the line Biba.  It was very interesting and unlike any other class that I have taken.  Most of the time I have finance, marketing, economic or business based classes which become repetitant and  this is all new to me.  After that I had my Theatre class. The first portion we discussed Love and Information and then talked about the play that we were seeing that night, Sunset Baby.  It was a new play and American.  We went to Gate theatre in Notting Hill and I have to say I didn’t like this play at all.  There were three actors and the theatre was so small literally the from seats were inches from the stage.  And the actress was really not good.  It was believable by any means.  Kind of a gang story set in New York about a father and daughter too. 

Friday a few of us girls went to Primark.  It is like a JC Penny’s back at home sort of.  Or

The illegal photo 😉 of Margaret’s Catherdral inside

Harrods but everything is 5, 10, 15, 20 pounds.  A lot of colored jeans, blazers, dresses, shirts and the second floor shoes and accessories.  It is very overwelming at first because the place is very large.  The changing rooms take a half hour to wait in line.  Very packed.  After that I came home and worked out, thankfully I have been keeping up with that.

Today, Rachel and I, the few who did not go on the Bath trip this weekend, went to a Starbucks that was close by.  It is three stories up with the second and third floor being like a large living room with a few extra tables.  We went to the top and spent about 5 hours doing some homework and wrote our papers.  It was really nice to be there with the aroma of coffee and and a very relazing feel with others reading or studying there as well. We got a lot done.  After that we treated ourselves, I went out and got a salad and a fruit bowl because I was missing healthy food, semi living off of scrambled eggs and grilled cheeses get to you after a while.  Tonight, Rachel and I are doing grilled cheese and pasta for dinner and having a movie night.  Tomorrow we may go do some more studying or go walk by the Thames River a while. I am going to text Jane tomorrow as well and see if the boys have any football games this weekend.  Love to all and sorry about the lack of updates these past couple of days!


2 thoughts on “Never get so busy making a living;;that you forget to make a life..

  1. Be sure and keep eating healthy, or you will get sick, and you don’t want that. Maybe you could ask about fishing in that river ?? What they catch. It is good you are staying busy. Missing you lots. Making slow progress on the siding. The garage looks like a pit. It was great skyping with u today. Hope your week is awsome !!!

  2. Hi Sara, I’ve had a little “user error” trying to comment on your great blogs. Those of us who haven’t been to London are living it with you through your descriptions. Make the most of every moment, come home and tell us all about it and get ready for your next adventure. Stay well, have fun, learn alot, and keep being frugal. Time will go so quickly you won’t believe it. Love, Aunt Jean

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