>>There are no foreign lands;;it is the traveler only who is foreign<<

On Wednesday we went to Notting Hill! I thought I had written a post about this but I guess I haven’t! Perhaps I only thought about writing it, I have been quite busy.  However, in a nutshell I loved it! If I could choose any place thus far on where I would live in London I would have to absolutely say it would be around here.  Also, if you all have seen the movie Notting Hill with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, we visited some scenes of the movie.  Also, if you watch the movie, first scene, Hugh Grant goes right by the Duke of Wellington, and that was where we decided to eat!! I thought it was so cool :)!  We also went to the Portobello Market and shopped around for a while.  I got a blazer, very business attire, for 5 pounds in what looked like it could be round 40-50 dollars in my opinion.  Much more my style rather than that of Harrods!!

Yesterday was my full day of class.  I started off with British Youth Culture and we are still discussing the Beatles, The Who and the Kinks.  Generally Popart and how the the government reacted versus the American culture.  We got to watch The Boat that Rocked, a film, as well and I really enjoyed it.  It was a really fun discussion class.  It depicted how the government reacted to the creation of British youth culture and though they may have been opposed to the drugs, partying, etc. they were in support in a sense in that their youth wasn’t just following America, they weren’t American.  We also noted some random things, like the difference in the way men dress in the US vs UK.  In a short answer, the UK is a less homophobic country than America, thus they are allowed to dress perhaps more feminine without being assumed they are gay. An interesting concept, as well as their use of their flag as clothes and such whereas we treat our flag as more of a delicacy or fragile symbol.  Also, how we define class as how much money one has or the things they own, and I finally discovered why they dress so nicely in England as opposed to home.  They define class on what they wear, hence the reason they dress up.  They also define it on their accents, ‘a child is born into their class, with the tongue they are born with.’  He is really passionate about the subject, which potentially correlates with why I enjoy the class so much.

In the theatre class we discussed the play which we saw last week, The Judas Kiss, and the play we saw last night, Love and Information.  Rachel and I barely got to the play on time because the journey was further than we thought it would be.  We had to take the circle line, which goes slower than the Central Line — this may not be true but because we were cutting it so close I swear it was! This play was new and was written by Carol Churchill who is highly regarded as a play write here.  It had over a hundred characters with only 8 actors.  It was an hour and forty-five minutes with no intermission.  Basically, it was more of a comedy to me.  The were 59 or so little snippets or a couple people interacting within what seemed to be this white cube.  The background or the white cube never changed.  So it would be a few people and some objects or props and they would recite a few lines for a minute to 5 minutes and then it would go completely dark and within about 20 seconds (with music playing to lead up to the next snippet and had to do with it) the props would change and characters and it would be something completely different.  Most theatre majors would probably say  that they didn’t like this one because it wasn’t so deep and more just funny.  But I enjoyed it more.

Today we went to Harrods, off of Kinghtsbridge.  I am sure most of you know what it is.  But essentially its a very large mall with things that are way over priced.  Like ridiculously priced.  A normal grey shirt that I could buy at target for 5 dollars was 94 pounds.  The toy floor was fun though and would be any child’s dream land.  We got to ride on the Egyptian Escalators and that was really pretty.  It is themed with golden bronzed carvings.  There are also food courts, again way over priced.  One of the girls in my group was like I have my parents card I could totally buy this store out right now.  And literally I don’t know if I could have afforded one piece of

Outside National Gallery

clothing in that store.   So when we sat down to get frozen yogurt I opted out, it was 6.5 pounds for a small.  Besically the enitre trip was slightly depressing. But still I can mark it off my list and it was beautiful!

After that we met some of our other friends to go have afternoon tea at the national gallery.  I ended up getting the peppermint tea and with a little milk it was very good.  They bring you your own personal tea pot (not kettle).  I tried the Caramello(??) tea and the some cream tea.  Some of the girls got crumpets, scones, or mini cakes as well with their tea and overall it was really fun.  We could tell we stood out a little as Americans sitting there, 8 of us, and most the others were very rehearsed in their tea exercises where we were all giddy and having fun.  So a lot of walking for the day thus far and I am quite tired.  Will possibly go out to a pub tonight to just hangout but may stay in and get some reading done as well! —- I must say I have some great girls as friends here who have persuaded me into just coming to be out with them 🙂 we are meeting some of the other girls at a local pub for a chill evening. And I heard back from Jane and, tentatively, I am visiting for a late lunch Sunday at four, excited!  Miss you all!


4 thoughts on “>>There are no foreign lands;;it is the traveler only who is foreign<<

  1. Think of Harrods as a museum. Did you go to the pet department?. It is worth a trip on its own. I am enjoying all these wonderful daily diaries of yours. Missed you these last two days. Love, S

  2. It is so fun to read your blogs! Your descriptions are amazing. You sound happy, safe, and ever so money-wise. Aren’t you smart. Enjoy every moment. This is something you’ll never forget. Love, Aunt Jean

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