Evening Standard

Brief news, from an extremely happy girl.  Today at 5:30 the whole group of girls with whom I would prefer to travel with met in the lobby to discuss travel plans.  I was closed out of the Scotland trip and was really bummed out about it because I wanted to go so badly.  Especially given a lot of the girls were.  So, after about two hours of discussing most were going to Berlin, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Dublin and/or Norway….lets just say I will be living vicariously through them in that that is quite the amount of pounds.  Within this process three girls had their cards temporarily denied with how much they were spending.  As you could guess, I was in shock, haha.  And one whom spent the most was like oh that’s weird mine never gets denied…well I didn’t want to take the chance. HOWEVER, I booked the Eurostar for November 23 5:40am until Sunday at 10:13 am for 33 pounds there and 33 pounds back.  Free hostel, just food to pay for slash bring and I am set for PARIS, FRANCE!!! We wanted to go closer towards Christmas but the first weekend in December I will be in Yorkshire!  Then right before logging off I got an email from Elaine, our IES Advisor, and was told that I got into the Scotland trip!!! Thus, I am one happy lady :).  I know I am not going on as nearly as many trips as every one else, but I will be able to explore London and I one way or another am going to visit Ireland and hoping I could squeeze in a stay with Sammy and John.  Round flights I was looking at were about 69 pounds and perhaps I could find cheaper. 

SOOOO, Scotland, Paris, Ireland, hopefully Wales, Yorkshire, Brighton, and maybe East Sussex are all on my agenda as of now!! What a day! Going out to the Sports Bar tonight with the girls to celebrate Ellie’s birthday. Love to all! Here are some of the girls that went to the sports bar where we celebrated Ellie’s birthday!!


2 thoughts on “Evening Standard

  1. Wow this is wonderful. You are a busy girl I mean lady or woman – anyway busy. Hope you had a good day today, Wednesday.

  2. I don’t know where all those places are, but I’m glad your getting to visit them. I’m glad you have a good bunch of freinds. Always be careful.

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