Happiness is when what you think, what you say, & what you do are in harmony.

Today I finally was finally able to wake up early after being able to fall asleep -as opposed to being up till odd hours of the morning.  Hopefully, this will be my adjustment to the time change.  I woke up around 9 and had a biscuit for breakfast with some hot cocoa, then climbed the stairs to the 33rd floor Sky Gym, by the end of these three months I will be a champ at stair climbing.. to go workout.  I ran, lifted and did some of the yoga that Lukas taught me this summer when I visited Knox.  After that I came back to my room for lunch.  After considering it for a while, since I don’t have any sort of seasoning.  I mashed it up and put it on cheese and bread.  I gotta say it tasted delicious, I was quite satisfied, I had that with a glass of OJ. Then I went to class, my Censored! class.

The view from our workout room on the top floor of Nido

So our homework was three readings that our teacher, Wendi, emailed us.  For the first reading we had to analyze it by answering 10 questions in depth.  For the other two we had to write a summary.  After writing those two summaries (we didn’t do one for the first) we had to cut it down into less than 100 words.  This was difficult because the readings were all about 30 pages long and detailed; so cutting certain points out of my summaries made it feel like it was missing something.  But after Wendi describing the lessen in class today – how it clears up things and before we know it this will shape our writing differently.  Soon we will unconsciously use the same techniques for our midterm paper.  I completely agree and I was slightly amazed at how effective and simple it ended up being. It was definitely an interesting teaching strategy and one that I have not ever experienced.

IES Study Abroad London Building

For class, we use a website called Moodle at Knox and the IES program is using it too, so thankfully I am very familiar with it.  With the two summaries we were suppose to submit them to her via Moodle.  Simply click a button and copy and paste your work. Simple.  I did this even though she had not mentioned us having to, I figured better safe than sorry. And I didn’t know if she meant it to be there because she isn’t very savvy with Moodle either, and doesn’t particularly enjoy it.  So in class I asked her opinion on whether we were suppose to and, as she is a very energetic woman and I rather enjoy her for that, she got all excited because I had done it and she didn’t know we could.  The building pictured above, originally a home in London, was converted on the inside to house our classes, a library and a few offices. This building is where I go to class each day.

The Censored! class overall had a lot of discussion and Wendi joins in as opposed to controls.  We discussed the nude photos of Kate Middleton in the magazine Closer over in France, and more in Italy being published too.  It was mostly on the topic of privacy and nude sun bathing as a regularity in France and then why anyone would consider her more important than any other member of society in England, etc. This topic has been spread all over the newspapers around the city. I just overall enjoy this class.  It is being ‘censored’ per se in that UK newspapers have agreed not to publish them and instead are soon coming out with articles ridiculing information newspapers use just to make sales.  She also ridiculed Kate because she doesn’t understand why we would like her so much, she’s just a person right?

This evening I am attempting to do laundry for the first time in Nido since being here.  Also, it is my roommates birthday today so we are going next door for a little cupcake, as a study break for us and birthday present for her, at the hummingbird bakery which is attached to our building.  Then another girl’s birthday on Wednesday and one Sunday.  I think that Tuesday night is going to be the night of celebration.

A view of Nido Spitalfields from Liverpool Street Station

I heard back from Jane, she had a very busy weekend with cricket! But hopefully next weekend will workout! Thats all for now! Love you.


2 thoughts on “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, & what you do are in harmony.

  1. Class sounds very interesting. I can see how this would perfect writing skills. I have a tendancy to be way too ‘wordy’ Wish I had the skill. As ever love hearing from you. Hope it works out eventually to meed the Wilsons. Isn’t the Kate thing awful, Goodness they complailn about the Royals but won’t leave them alone.
    Gram Pat

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