London Weekend

Friday….Today I went with katherine and Ellie to the Borough Market off of London Bridge Station.  The tube went under the Thames which we thought was cool.  It was pretty busy.  Finding your way around could be difficult but we just wandered through the little stations and windy paths.  It is like the farmer’s market in Grinnell times ten.  Dad would love this place because everyother station has free samples.  I tried so many different things like avacado, peaches, marmalade of different flavors, Trout, cheeses, breads, oils and vinegars, marshmellows and desserts, strawberries, spices and finally goat milk ice cream.  We each bought a small cone of ice cream there for a pound fifty. The girls are making a pizza so bought some fresh fruits and various supplies as well but I didn’t get anything.  We spent about three hours there and then headed back home.  There we had to switch from the Northern line to the Central line at Bank Station.  Two men came towards us and were talking in what sounded very much like cave man.  So rough and like chomping language and I just stared at him.  We didn’t know what to say at first until we realized they were actually speaking English and I heard the word Liverpool… So the only thing I could think to say was Sorry we are American because they were asking directions to somewhere.  I have never heard such a unique accent before and I’m sure all three of us looked astonished.  So they laughed and said they were from Liverpool and I remember our ancestors came over from there.  Then as we walked away the younger one goes ‘Well we are as lost as you are sexy.’ We all had a giggle about it and they did too but we kept going.  That was probably the most exciting thing of the day thus far.  Now, I am going to workout and then do homework until about 10 ish when we are headed out to find the cheapest cover charge we can and go socialize at a club.  We are skipping the pub ordeal that comes first to attempt to save some money.

Saturday…I stayed in and did homework most of the day and then ate a homemade crumpet and cheese, not too classy it is true. But then hungout with the girls and drank cider before heading out.  We took the tube to somewhere around Oxford Circus and went to the club called the Zoo.  It was so much fun and very crowded.  We got in free as a group that got to cut the line.  I am not really sure how that happened, I was just following and there were nine of us.  It was the first time I got to socialize a little bit with some locals which was nice.  We all had such a fabulous time.  The drinks were expensive so I walked up to the bar and said what is the cheapest drink you have, period, and I’ll take it.  It was a beer in a plastic bottle, haha. But I had so much fun.  We took the night bus home. N242.

Sunday…Another day for homework and working out for me! Spent part of the afternoon walking around the local markets and area which was nice, and the weather is still good as well.  I am going to finish some home work and run.  Then make a sandwhich and hang out with some of the girls, class tomorrow :).


3 thoughts on “London Weekend

  1. ummm, the cheee looks scrumptious as well as the beautiful fresh stuff – So good to hear your voice besides your thoughts and adventure. Shark looks mean! Have you tried sushi yet? Calamari? Wait until you hear the accents in Scotland oh my.
    love you,
    Gram Pat

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