The Judas Kiss

Thursday, I have two classes.  The first is British Youth Culture 1950-Present with Richard Weight.  Each time I feel I have a new class that it is my favorite thus far, I have a predicament on which to choose now that they are all under my belt.  This one I really enjoyed.  I feel like I will get to know a little bit more about Dad’s teenage years.  We talked a lot about the Beatles today, but just grazing the surface as we will dive more into it later.  We mostly talked about the universal televised live performance of the Beatles singing All You Need Is Love and how monumental that was.  I wonder where you all were when it aired?? I loved it.  I forgot to eat breakfast again but did have a glass of orange juice.  I was really hungry without having made lunch either, which I will do from now on promise 🙂 I got a side salad for 2 pounds at the Swan in Bloomsbury.  It was in an alley in the opposite direction of the Onion we ate at last.  It was sort of an old fashion restaurant with dark wood and a bar.  All of the cafes and the restaurants I have eaten at are different in many ways to the US but particularly that they are long and thin in their layout.  Sort of like a long thick hallway with little cracks and turns here and there.  More crowded in this way but gives off a good atmosphere and it isn’t too crowded around this part of Bloomsbury during lunch.  You go up to the bar and order and pay.  I also learned that it is considered rude for the waiter to bring the check to your table without the customer having asked for it.  It took us only the first day to figure that out granted we sat there for some time.

Hamstead Theatre, London

So the play tonight was at the Hampstead Theatre in London.  In order to get there I took the Central Line Westbound until I got to the Jubilee Line and switched heading North to Swiss Cottage Station.  Got the directions and all myself, I am finding my worries about traveling around the city and getting lost are impertinent. It is far easier than I could have ever guessed.  The maps are so detailed and it just makes sense, I love it; the way you can travel about the city in a matter of minutes, the difference and change of persona and feel of any given part of the city, it’s just the money issue that bites at me.

The Theatre was literally right out of Exit 2 in Swiss Cottage Station.  The Judas Kiss was not quite what I was expecting, I had not had time to read up on it prior because I got to workout today and jumped at the chance.  It involved Oscar Wilde and he was gay, I didn’t expect to see so many naked men on stage.  But in the script I saw that Liam Neeson played the original Oscar Wilde in the same play when it originated in 1998 I believe and I thought that was really cool.  I got to sit by Colin too (they say the term professor is too loosely used in America and the term here is only used for much higher scholars, so first name basis here).  He gave good insight during intermission and could explain things better.  After we got back, Rachel and I went to Tesco so that she could get some groceries and stuff.  Then came home for blog and bed. Tomorrow I am off and will workout and do homework I believe.  Saturday we are doing some day trip with a group of girls if I join Jane and the boys for their big cricket day and I don’t want to intrude on that.  But I am hoping that I will be able to perhaps go and visit on Sunday if all goes well! I don’t want to put too much pressure on them having me or anything but am really excited :)!

My Theatre teacher Colin Ellwood

Following lunch, I had Theatre in London; an Introduction.  My professor is Colin Ellwood and he has a very very deep Scottish accent and talks quickly but he is very active in his teaching.  He engages us a lot and says to say “Hey shut up” & repeat what you just said when we don’t understand.  I love love love listening to his accent, it is magnificent! Makes me overly excited to visit Scotland!!  So for this class we will be going to a play every Thursday evening of the term, all tickets paid for.  However, my joy of thinking I did not have to buy a text? Well for this class we have to buy a script and a program of each play and tonight was nine pounds :/.


3 thoughts on “The Judas Kiss

  1. What a task to choose which class to drop, I think that would be hard. I am glad that things are easy to get around but I do love it when you are going with someone else too. You are doing such a good job in keeping us posted. It is so wonderful to read. Surprised you have to buy a script after the play.
    A big hug sent your way

    1. I found out I don’t drop a class they did it for everyone in advance so I do take five courses! And blogging everyday is easy it makes me less homesick because I feel as if I am talking to you all directly.

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