History; an agreed lie.

First two classes of the semester in London, check, under my belt, boom. They went wonderfully.  My first class was at 1:30 and was called “Censored! What the British could not see” with Wendy Hewing.  Each class lasts 2 and a half hours with a ten to twenty minute break in the middle to walk around or go grab a coffee for take out. It was nice to sleep in a little bit given I am not falling asleep still until about 2 in the morning.  Then I left around 12:30 and grabbed a coffee at Costco and sat and read the Evening Standard from the night before until class.  She seems very passionate about what she is teaching and just scratched the service on why the British government or the BFC chose to ban certain cinema movies and such.  Most she said will seem ridiculous to us but we have to put our minds back to their time when certain things were new and outlandish. On Thursday evenings we will watch the movies, or on your own if you can find them, and I’m genuinely excited about it.  I do love films.

After class I came back to Liverpool station.  Instead of exiting the normal way to my hall I went the opposite direction to a four story Marks & Spencers.  There I bought a purse which is large enough for my notebooks to carry in, and it is really nice I like it, about 20 pounds.  It was emphasized how rude it is to one, not take notes during class, and two, yawn during a lecture, which can be hard with jet lag sometimes.  Then I also bought a solid pair of boots that are water proof here, for 45 pounds.  We all know how crazy I am about spending money and I really don’t like to.  I detest the thought of spending so much in a week or letting my bank account go below a certain point, so of course I visit the most expensive city in the world.  But I gave my self a therapy session on the way home about making money to spend it and both will get great use.  Of course I reworked the therapy session with Dad later on yesterday too.  No worries, I have come to terms with my purchase :).  Last night I got to skype with my basketball team in the beginning of year meeting  Coach surprised them and they were all really really excited so that made my evening mostly.  Other than that I did little errands and not much of a sight seeing kind of day.  Did all the things I needed to get done.

Today my first class began at 10, Media and UK Politics.  This class was with Julian Putkowski and there is no way anyone could ever dislike a class with him.  He wore yellow corderou pants with even brighter yellow suspenders and a dark blue button up with Harry Potter glasses essentially.  He is a hoot! Just completely ridiculous, giving us 60% knowledge and 40% a good humored time he says.  Thank goodness too because I have him for my second class of the day too, History of London.  Both seem really really interesting.  The Politics class was a basic layout of how the British run their country with the Parliament, Monarch, House of Commons and of Lords.  He was correct when he said it is difficult for anyone to fully understand or fathom how this works after living in the states their whole lives.  But he made it really simple and I do, however, it is different and unique, I can’t see myself getting too bored of it since it’s all new to me.  Just really interesting.  The History class will be at full high speed.  We will be covering a few hundred years each class and after six weeks the teacher will change to another who is an expert in the 17 and 18th century.  I have to say, England’s history might trump America’s history classes when it comes to be fascinating.  We little began class from 55 B.C and made it to 1080.  The West of London doesn’t have too much information about way back because everything was essentially made of straw and wood with of course in turn turns to nothing and is covered by cement and stone.  Whereas in East London, the marshes, the way the water and soil is, can literally preserve anything you throw in there.  So he recommended the Museum of London which has leather shoes almost perfectly preserved, it can even happen to bodies or rifles from the war, of course when they leave the marsh, where there is no oxygen underneath, it all turns to rubbish.  But it was just really interesting…then we moved through the Roman empire, London wall, Anglo Saxon, Ed the conqueror to finally William of Normundy.  I could go on to write an entire paper about just today’s lecture, and I am tempted, but I won’t :).  The book for the course is as thick as my pointer finger is long.  Plus we will have additional readings as well.  On a good note, I don’t have to buy any text this semester! Strange but wonderful novelty for me!

I forgot to mention, we get 12:30 to 1:30 for lunch.  So a few of us girls walked back towards Holborn station and wanted to find a place to eat that was really cheap.  So in a little alley of a few tiny shops and resaurants a server came up and showed us a menu, or a host rather, and it was cheap so we sat down outside in the little alleyway.  The place was called “Onion” and I order a chicken and cheese toasted sandwhich on whole wheat.  It was a sandwhich the size of normal bread small and square so was a small portion but was just absolutely delicious.  I also got hot tea with milk because it was a little chilly outside and to be honest we wanted to be the typical Londoner tourist drinking hot tea in London right? So we did, cliche yes. It cost me 4.4 pounds.  I used Grandma Peak’s little change keeper to pay for the meal.  The service was more casual than stores so I figured I would pay in coins and the guy just chuckled and was really nice.  Paid in exact change! Haha

Tonight England plays Ukraine, I believe it is, and one of the guys and some girls and I are thinking about going to a pub to watch the game and just kind of feel out the environment or what it’s like.  It’s a football match, a semi final I think.  Then tomorrow, Rachel and I have the day off so this evening we are going to kind of plan our way out to Kensington Gardens.  Sort of a sight seeing day of sorts.  Tomorrow evening at 8 I have the orientation for the Sky Gym on the 32nd floor so I will finally be able to start working out again! Sammy sent me a photo of the boys through email and I have to say the suits that they wear as uniforms, I saw two boys with them on chatting away on the tube yesterday around four and now I keep trying to thing back could it have been them?? Well of course probably not but I looked again today and couldn’t find anyone in the uniform near me, but who will ever know!


Tonight we ended up going to Brick Lane again, and didn’t get lost this time around which was nice.  We walked further up the street looking for pubs and found one called “The Big Chill” which was wonderful.  The drinks were cheap and it was in a fairly nice area with great seating and a good vibe.  We stayed there for about three hours and met some locals and just hung out.  After that, because six of us hadn’t eaten since lunch (oops) we stopped for a snack for a guy who gave us a good deal on a meal.  So i got a main course, Chicken Chat, and a starter, Keema Nan (Nan with minced meat) for only seven pounds.  It was delicious.  I tried some of the other kids meals too which were more spicy but delicious as well.  So that was my night out :)! Love to all!


4 thoughts on “History; an agreed lie.

  1. Hi Sara,
    I’m visiting London vicariously through you. Your descriptions are wonderful. Keep up the good journaling. Be safe and stay healthy. Aunt Jean

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