London 2012

Mark it down. I have officially been to the Olympic Park and Village and Stadium! How many people can say they have really been there? Well a lot considering how many were just there today!

We traveled as a group and it was only mybe twenty minutes away.  Two stops going eatbound on the Central Line to Stratford Station.  Once there, you would be surprised at how efficient everything was.  Yes there were thousands of people but the line never stopped moving once.  SO much better and less of a hassle than at home where I am sure I would be frustrated at any amusement park.  Anyways, we made it in and went past the Waterpolo, Swimming and Basketball Arenas before entering the Stadium.  TO think Kobe Bryant, Michael Phelps and so many other amazing athletes were right where I was a few weeks ago! In the stadium there is honestly not a bad seat in the house.  It is extremely steep but no matter where you are sitting you can see it all perfectly.  The torch was amazing and getting to see things was fabulous.  Usian Bolt had ran on that same track 🙂 and the Spice Girls & Prince Harry & Kate have been there! That’s what I talked with the girls about the most, what we were most excited about! They also have the worlds largest McDonalds, which they are tearing down after the Olympics are over.  After we went into this little or kinda big museum.  There were many people describing the types of legs and arms and wheelchairs that are used in the Paraolympics.  It was really interesting.  How the legs have bluetooth and you have a remote for when you golf and cycle.  Or you can wear heels and flip flops now.  He foudn out we were American and apologized because it cost nearly 20,000 dollars for the leg.  However, if you can prove you are active or will use it enough, the government here will pay for it.  Then I got to practice basketball, Grandpa, however I was in a wheel chair.  And let me tell you it is not easy!! I was slightly un coordianated! At around 1 or 2 we left there and decided to go get a bite to eat.  First, we stopped at the mega store and I bought a London 2012 landyard and an athletic bag with the Logo and Olympic design on it.  Thought it would be a once in a lifetime purchase, I wanted a tshirt but they were nearly all larges and up.  It cost 18 pounds.

So then we took the tube back to Liverpool Street and just outside there was a place called Hamilton Hall.  It was soooo eligant yet was casual as well.  There were, of course, many already drinking outside because it is part pub.  But we went upstairs to the balcony and sat ourselves.  I ordered buffalo wings, because I had forgotten to eat and should be hungry at this point, but could only eat about 5 or 6 of them.  It cost 5.63 pounds.  After that I stopped at Tesco to get these cracker things that are suppose to be healthy for you.  They are easy to grab one and eat on the way out the door so that I at least have something in me.  I also bought toilet paper 🙂 and that cost 4 pounds total.


Tonight, I exchanged more phone numbers and such, and we are going to go out to some pubs.  We live in the financial district so its mostly grown men in suits and all are older.  So we may travel east a little and we found some good potential places.

LAST NIGHT, we went out at Oxford street.  I am really glad I went because I got to know people a little more and it was good for socializing.  We went to Roxy, which is a club of sorts and it was fun.  It was kind of a learngin experience.  We went there around 10:30 for drink specials, all I got all night was a pitcher of Mojita plit with a girl, for 4 pounds each.  However, if we were to do it again.  London is more of a go to a pub and go to the clubs afterwords, it started getting more crowded and such around 11:30 midnight.  We stayed out until one and then some of us took the night bus home.  I passed out when we got back from a long day and didn’t wake until eleven this morning! Was great to finally sleep in and hopefully get rested, classes tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “London 2012

  1. Sounds like they’re keeping u busy. I bet the Olympic areas were a thrill. I love the pictures of the old buildings. Your building looks quite nice. Hard to believe u haven’t even be gone a week. U seem to be getting comfortable with getting around. It looks like there are always lots of people around.
    Take care, honey. Love you

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