Travel is the only thing you can buy, that makes you richer.

Woke up today at 8 and was glad to have a towel.  Realized a few more things I may need as well.  I met Julieanne, Sally and Rachel downstairs to go to the IES centre.  There we had an hour on travel amongst Europe.  It was really interesting and I’m excited for Scotland and Yorkshire.  One of the student advisors here, Matthew, is from Belfast and knows some Wilsons there.  I told him I had family there and would be visiting.  I have to say going to see Sammy and John is one of the things I am most looking forward to.  Even if it is just visiting and staying near their home! I have been talking with a few of the people about going for a weekend in Paris as well on the Eurostar and we are going to do that at some point.  Also a weekend in Wales is something I have decided to do with them, northern part, maybe see Prince William ;)!

Then we had a tour of ULU, University of London Union, there is a swimming pool, gym, etc. for 20 pounds then some additional fees. I thought this was dumb considering I have a gym on the 33rd floor here in my Res. Hall and will use that for a flat fee of 10 pounds.  Then we had our CORE group for an hour, where we worked on the culture shock aspects of being here and a few goals and stuff.  It surprises me how much our leaders, Elaine, Alice and John all seem so engrossed in how we are doing and us as people as opposed to visiting tourists?I enjoy that.  From there, I traveled back to Nido alone, some girls were having a health group thing for academics (clearly i am economics not with health classes), but I kind of jumped at the chance to get to do this.  I made it safely and with no problems. I stopped at M&S simply food for some food because I hadn’t eaten lunch and just had a slice of bread with peanut butter for breakfast.  Plus it was near 1:30 pm.  So I got sliced turkey breast and sliced ham.  Them come with like five slices each and cheese, 10 slices, and a bag of carrotts (cut in rectangles not like ours), also some body lotion.  It cost 7.78 pounds total.  I am oddly not hungry but made a sandwhich and got out some carrots, I feel as if I am eating on a full stomach but yet I should be hungry.  Also it is around now, 3 pm where I feel as if I could totally crash.  But they gave us a housing thing to check the flat to do and will keep busy until 6:30 when we are going to the globe theatre. 

More fun facts… all the escalators, and there are MANY, have you ride them on the right side and those who walk them are on the left side of the escalators.  Bandaids are plasters, our leader Alice couldn’t figure out what word we used for them this morning.

SOOOOO the play, As you like it, was magnificent! Except the downfall was we had to stand to watch it.  So I became distracted with my legs aching.  We walked there and walked back.  The walk back was more wonderful, granted it was around 11 pm, and the lights and night life is splendid.  I saw a building near the London bridge that will soon be the tallest building in all of Europe!! Also, the bridge with the Olympic rings on it has now changed to the Paralympics sign? Yet at night it was still beautiful! Also, in the Harry Potter film, at the beginning of the last book’s movie, there is a twisting bridge that collapses? I saw it today! To be honest I didn’t know it existed!  Early morning tomorrow, headed for the Olympic Park!


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